2013 Class Gift Campaign


2013 Class Gift Scholarship Campaign

To the Class of 2013:

GW Law is a special place for many reasons.  But what makes GW Law truly unique in the world of legal education, is the sense of community!   

We are lucky to be a part of the greatest law school community in the country. Words like “welcoming,” “collegial,” and even “fun” are unheard of at many other schools.  But at GW Law, they have become almost clich�.  For us, reflecting upon our three years elicits memories of laughter in the Hard Lounge, celebrations at the White House, and inflatable gladiator matches with Deans in Jeans.

The Graduating Class Gift Scholarship Fund is our opportunity to pay it forward – to provide a scholarship for future students to have the same wonderful experiences. So we are asking you to make a donation towards future Softball Tournaments and EJF Auctions, Halloweens and Barristers, Law Revues and Bar Reviews. Oh, and one incredible legal education.

Let’s come together once again to make it happen.


Corey Ershow, JD '13            Sonia Tabriz, JD '13

Class Gift Co-Chair                Class Gift Co-Chair

Why Give?

During our tenure at GW, we have established our legacy as the Class of 2013. As we all know, the cost of legal education in the United States continues to rise. By establishing the Class of 2013 Scholarship Fund, we can enable future generations to follow their dreams and join us as proud GW Law alumni.

Will My Donation
Make a Difference?

Without a doubt. Every donation gets us one step closer to our participation goal. In addition, your donation will make you eligible to attend special events with professors and fellow classmates. However you choose to participate, your donation to the Class of 2013 Scholarship Fund will make a difference inyour life, a future student’s life, and will help to establish
the legacy of the Class of 2013.


How Can I Participate?

Any donation amount is appreciated, but in the spirit of 2013, donors who make a gift of $20.13 or more will receive a Class of 2013 T-shirt. However, our class has never been one to do only what is easy, and we encourage each and every one of you to consider making a 3-year pledge to the 2013 Class Gift Scholarship Fund. In doing so, you promise to contribute $20.13 now and for (2) years after graduation. Donors who make a 3-year pledge will enhance the Class of 2013 Scholarship Endowment’s growth between graduation and our 1st reunion. Students who make a 3-year pledge will receive a class of 2013 T-shirt and Sweatshirt.

Please join your classmates in supporting the Class of 2013 Scholarship Endowment Fund Today

Join us for these 2013 Class Gift Special Events
For more information please contact David G. Zelenka at dzelenka@law.gwu.edu or (202) 994-7055