Host an Event

Interested in hosting an alumni event?  Here are some ways you can help out!
There are two ways you can host an event: either sponsoring an event or organizing one.
Sponsoring an event means that GW Law Office of Alumni Relations plans, executes, and markets an event in your regional area.  GW Law would list your name as a host on all online and print communications and, at the actual event, our office would encourage you to say a few words to the event attendees.  Also as a sponsor, you have the ability to choose the location of the event.  If you are able to provide a location that you are a member of as an option, it would be greatly appreciated, however, it is not a requirement and we can look elsewhere in your region for an appropriate event space.
Organizing an event means you would plan, execute, and market (with some assistance from GW Law Office of Alumni Relations) an event in your area.  This option is not as common as sponsoring an event, however, we do encourage it.
If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved with upcoming events, please e-mail GW Law Office of Alumni Relations at or 202.994.7166.