Alumni Events

Host an Event

Would you like to connect with other alumni in your area? Is there an event where you live that you think a group of GW Law alumni would like to attend? The Office of Alumni Relations will be happy to help you organize and host an event near you!

Some events that may work well in your city:

Social Events

  • Regional Happy Hour: Select your favorite local watering hole and arrange a time to host GW Law alumni there. The Office of Alumni Relations can help you make arrangements with the venue, as well as invite alumni in the area. We can even send you some GW Law alumni giveaways for raffle or door prizes.
  • Sports or Theater Outing: We can help you secure a block of tickets to a local sporting event or theater performance. The Office of Alumni Relations will purchase the tickets, manage RSVPs and publicize the event. As the host, you will help generate interest locally, and greet attendees at the event. This works well for national baseball, football, and hockey teams, or traveling theater companies in your area. Hosts will have the option of adding a happy hour or reception before or after the event, which we can also help you plan.

Community Service

  • Volunteer Day: Choose an organization or cause you are passionate about, and invite other GW Law alumni to volunteer their time. Organize a group of volunteers for a community clean up day, or perhaps invite other alumni to walk in a walk-a-thon in your area. The options are limitless! The Office of Alumni Relations can help you register for the activity, publicize the event, invite alumni to participate, and even post photos of your team in our newsletter. As the host, you will help organize participants locally, and be the point of contact on the day of.

Career and Life Networking

  • Speaker Series: Invite alumni to attend a speaker series or lecture session near you. This can include a wide range of topics and venues, but should provide a setting for learning and networking. The Office of Alumni Relations can help you secure tickets, invite area alumni, and arrange a networking reception after the event.

Regional Exclusive

If you live in Washington, DC, you visit the monuments. If you live in New York City, you climb the Statue of Liberty. If you live in Chicago, you eat deep dish pizza. Is there something special and original in your area that alumni might like to do? The Office of Alumni Relations can help you to secure tickets or a venue, publicize your event, manage RSVPs, and more. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow GW Law alumni and share a local treasure.

More Information

For more information about how to get an event started or to host an event already on the Law Alumni Event Calendar, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by e-mail at or give us a call at 202.994.7166.